My goal is to help you find that connection to your body, to work with you to find what works for you. We look for sustainability, doable & nourishment by listening to your body.
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The Wait is nearly over, I’m so excited we have had confirmation the 8 week Fitness & Lifestyle Journals that @simone_moniquefitness and myself have collaborated and created together will be here mid week!!!!

We have taken all the guess work out for you and all you have to do is grab your journal throw it in your gym bag and go!

🙅🏻‍♀️ No more wondering around the gym lost thinking what am I going to train today? am I doing to much? Am I doing to little? Am I even doing this exercise correctly? What do I eat? Am I eating enough? Do I need a protein shake? Do I need more carbs? What’s for dinner? We’ve got you sorted and organised 😉.

💗118 pages
💗 Spiral A5 Journal
💗 8 week balanced meal Plan
💗 8 week workout plan
💗 Nutrition education
💗 family friendly recipes
💗 Daily Check in pages
💗 Sleep, Mood + Water Tracking
💗 Exercise Video tutorials
💗 Measurements + Fitness Test
💗 Private Facebook Group for accountability, tips and support needed along the way

Eat Breakfast!

I’ve been one of those people that wakes up and goes about the day until midday without any fuel. It wouldn’t be until I noticed I had no energy, I couldn’t think and was craving sugar that I would finally eat something. 🥴
That was a very long time ago….

Ever wonder why your craving sweet high sugar foods?
Are you starting your day right by eating a balance healthy Breakkie?

Be excited to fuel your body to start the day. Breakfast is so important your body has rested and fasted overnight it’s now ready for the activities of the day ahead but needs the fuel to give you the energy to do that.

- Breakfast provides us with the energy to keep us going throughout the day.

- Eating Breakfast can improve your metabolism

- Breakfast can provide many beneficial nutrients and boost your fibre and calcium intake (compared to not eating breakfast).

- Breakfast can reduced the likelihood of over-consuming high sugar processed foods later in the day.

Simone and myself getting it done this morning. Following one of the programs from our 8 week Fitness and Lifestyle Journal. Here is a sneak peak of some of the exercises from one of the programs. ...

@simone_moniquefitness and I couldn’t help it we are busting with excitement and had to share this with you all.

I’m so excited, I can’t wait any longer to share some more info with you all!

I wanted to wait until next week once I have send it off for professional printing and had them in my hand ready, but I just can’t wait!

Soraya and Myself have been working really hard designing our very own “ 8week fitness lifestyle journal”

Digital workouts and trackers are the hype at the moment, but for both of us personally we find them a distraction how many times do you unlock your phone to do something and bam 💥 just like that some how your scrolling Facebook replying to messages and forgot why you unlocked your phone!

Something about Having that hard copy in front of you makes you want to fill out every section and leave no blank spaces!

With our 8week journal you can choose your own start date, if you need to take a few days off due to sick kids or a much needed holiday you can pause for a brief moment and just jump straight back in without the guilt!
The key to success is to have a plan and be consistent, life will always interrupt you, but you don’t just throw it all away, deal with it and jump straight back into your program and taking care of yourself again and great results will follow!

This 8week Journal has it all!

💗110 pages full colour hard cover A5 book
💗Full 8week structured weights/cardio program
💗Full 8week Nutrition & Meal Plan
💗Fitness/ Measurement Tracker
💗Sleep/ Mood/ Water Tracker
💗 Short and Long Term Goal Setting

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Sometimes you just need a cheesy pizza! 🍕and that’s okay. Good nutrient dense food is far from boring it’s ridiculously tasty and satisfying. How it should be!

Nutrition is all about balance. My approach is to Nourish my body well with Nutrient dense food most of the time because when I do I find I feel energised, well and alive.

Nutrition looks very different for everyone, we are all unique. The best advice I can give you is to tune into yourself. Ask yourself how do I feel after eating my meals? If your feeling bloated, sluggish, tired or hungry maybe what your doing isn’t working for you. The only way you can feel better/different is to make changes.

Trust your body it will tell you if something your eating is not making you feel good.

So ask yourself “What is it you want to feel?” If it’s not how your feeling now. You know what you need to do. 💗

My partner in crime @simone_moniquefitness and I smashing out a training session. #watchthisspace 👀 exciting things to come… ...

Oats yes 👍🏼 or no 👎🏼. Some people love them, some not so much. Then there is the issue of if your body loves them or not.

I personally love a warm comforting bowl of porridge in the cooler months. But…there are a few things I have to do to ensure my body loves them too.

Buy Organic and gluten free oats is the first thing. Grains are generally very heavily sprayed on the farms they are grown on. It’s sometimes these toxic sprays that wreak havoc on our guts and bodies. So opt for Organic only.

Pre soak your oats over night in water and a little ACV to help pre digest your oats making it much more gentle on your gut.


I’ve tried a few different Super Greens and these are by far my favourite! Struggling to get salad and vegetables in? Try a smoothie with a spoon of this one. I also add organic raw zucchini and baby spinach to my smoothies. The zucchini adds a creaminess to your smoothies and is tasteless.

Time to recharge, it's Super Greens + Reds o'clock, bottoms up! 🌿 you know what they say about habits? Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going! 

​Habits aren't the only things that keep us going throughout the day, Super Greens + Reds gives your body the fuel it needs to promote energy, among a number of other great benefits too like immunity protection, acid-alkaline balance, gut wellbeing and antioxidant protection. 💚 #nutraorganics 

It’s getting to the time we move away from salads and back to Veg for the cooler months in Oz.

Not only does my wardrobe change according to the seasons. But so does my whole food routine. It’s like every winter ❄️ I find myself saying “what do I eat when it’s cold again?” 😝

One pan veggies are easy and one of my favs if I don’t do them like this with Avocado Oil and Sea salt. The airfryer gets a good workout.

Don’t like salad?? Green smoothies (with all the fibre) are a great way to get a micro nutrient injection into your body. Easily digested and absorbed by the body makes them incredibly nutrient dense.

You could also try adding some organic cucumber or zucchini to your next fruit smoothie. It’s a great way to get greens in and both are virtually tasteless.

My lovely client @mez602 took this photo of her morning Green blast. 🥒💚

Truth! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @boneafidebrothco love this. ...

Eat the rainbow 🌈

Salmon, Pumpkin, Semi dried tomato salad and honey mustard dressing

handful Rocket
handful Kaleslaw
180g pumpkin in air fryer with avocado oil
20g semi-dried tomatoes
4 perino tomatoes
80g Hot smoked salmon

Honey mustard dressing
1 tbs ACV or white vinegar
1-2tbs Tamari wheat free soy
1 splash braggs Aminos
1 tsp dijon mustard
3-5 drops Stevia

Shake ingredients in a glass jar

It’s here!! Winter Warrior

You’ve been asking here it is! The support and encouragement you need to get through Winter.

Build lean muscle and shape

Replenish your metabolism with loads of tasty food

At home or Gym programs

Full online support

Group coaching


School Holidays, couldn’t get to the gym or go for a run. Working up a sweat every day is part of anxiety management for me. So it’s a must daily for my mental health.

My at home cardio is a Rebounder workout. (Little miss 9 & I cracked up 😂 watching this sped up workout)

My best investment was a rebounder @orbit_fitness and there are loads of workouts on you tube @sanfran_fitness are the best for Rebounder workouts.

Benefits of Rebounding:

- may help your body flush out toxins

-May help improve balance & coordination

- Supports bone density, bone strength

Winter Warrior Coming soon

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